Virat Kohli Shares his Shaving Video on Instagram and Gets Trolled by Kevin Pieterson.

Virat Kohli decided to use his quarantine time to experience new looks. Check out his new beard style and what made Kevin Pieterson tease him.

by Monika

Updated: Apr 19, 2020 17:10 IST

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Virat Trolled by Kevin Pieterson.

Virat Kohli decided to use his time in quarantine to style his beard and took to Instagram a video explaining what he did. But former England batsman Kevin Pietersen seemed to be less interested in the India captain's new look and more into dishing out some hilarious banter. "Does it get rid of your grey there buddy?" Pietersen commented on the video, referring to the few strands of grey hair in his beard that have become quite prominent over the last year or so.

"While we're all indoors, it's extremely important to do stuff that makes you feel good. Staying well-groomed is one of the things that keeps me in the zone. So I thought of trimming my beard at home and giving myself this new look," he captioned the video while challenging his fans to trim their beards at home. Check out the video below:

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In the video, Kohli - who got his newest haircut from wife and Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma - talks a little about how he is going to go about the trim, before styling out his new look. But Pietersen's comment took the cake.

Kohli and Pietersen had recently engaged in a candid conversation on an Instagram Live session, where they spoke about the IPL and his career as well as the lockdown enforced to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. Protection Status