Vodafone Special Gift to Select Users: 2GB Daily Data, Unlimited Calls Offer Credited for 7 Days

If you are a prepaid Vodafone customer, check whether you qualify for this deal. The ongoing lockdown phase saw telecom operators dole out numerous deals to their customers in the country. Most of these deals included expanding the expiration span and incorporating talking time in order not to push customers to go out and redeem their prepaid numbers.

Updated: May 01, 2020 11:00 IST


Hari Aditya

Tags: 5G Tech Tech

New Deals in Vodafone

Usually deals are primarily targeting customers who have lived in rural areas and typically are not as tech-savvy as their peers from cities and larger towns. Users in such areas have links to electronic redemption services, and Vodafone has recently revealed a free service for these users that seems to be only available for a select few people.

This plan provides 2 GB of data a day, plus unrestricted calls over a 7 day validity duration. Users can verify whether they are qualifying for this package, by dialing 121363 from your phone, according to a post on Desidime Vodafone. If successful, Vodafone will give you a confirmation message that this package has been activated.