Watch: Priyanka Chopra shares her secret DIY hair recipe taught by her mom

Priyanka Chopra, who was busy helping different causes to do her bit in the midst of coronavirus outbreak, finally shared an insight into her self-care regime. The actress has shared a video in which she can be seen making a hair mask.

by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 21, 2020 13:06 IST

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Sharing the DIY video on Instagram, Priyanka posted, "It sounds like a good time dusting these off for quarantine attempts. This is a hair care recipe that my mother taught me, and that was taught by her grandmother. Full Fat Yogurt, one tablespoon honey, one egg. Let it stay 30 minutes in your head, and rinse with warm water. 


Priyanka talks in the video about how the mask works wonders for those with dry scalp or dandruff and hydrates. "I'm really hungry," she can be seen adding all the ingredients, and even quips.

Priyanka recently took part in a One World: Together At Home virtual concert with the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Lady Gaga, Elton John and others. She thanked the World Health Organisation, Global Citizen, and singer Lady Gaga for the concert's popularity, and for raising $127 million for Covid-19 relief.


The actor took Instagram to post a video of her presence, along with some of the other performances she liked. Priyanka spoke about the coronavirus and its effects, unlike many others who joined the musical event. She discussed the challenges people face in refugee camps across the globe, and how much more difficult it is to prevent the spread of the highly infectious virus in these areas. Protection Status