Guv Dhankars Miscellany Of Covid Data Between Center & State: WB CM Mamata Slams

On Saturday, West Bengal CEO Mamata Banerjee struck Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar accusing him of attempting "to usurp powers." 

by Nithiya

Updated: May 03, 2020 14:20 IST

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Mamta Slams WB CM

On Saturday, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee hit Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar and charged him with the "use" of power in the midst of coronavirus, and asked him to stop using official social media communications and logos. Banerjee said his words are 'vituperative, timid, intimidating and abusive.' His letters are called 'unprecedented'. 

She said the Governor might not be agreeing to her policies by accusing him of preaching and preaching constitutional rules "without practicing or violating them," but unfortunately, he has no other power than to notify them, as long as the government retains parliamentary confidence. "I ask you not to step up your efforts to usurp powers, especially in crisis times. Do not use official communications/logo for your continuous social media tweets," said the Chief Minister.

Governor Dhankhartold, President of the Government of the Republic of Twitter, is not to conceal the real COVID-19 data. The Governor mentioned numbers showing a gap in national and state information. Quoting the huge discrepancy between the figures of the State Government and the data provided by the Central Government, the President requested that the data be divided transparently by keeping politics aside. Last week, in the wake of West Bengal's response to the outbreak of COVID-19, he sent two letters to the chief minister during the clash between Raj Bhavan and Nabanna, the state secretary. Protection Status