We must remain Patient Says Mohanlal on COVID-19 lockdown extension

Mohanlal wrote about resilience and the essential lesson we have been taught by the coronavirus pandemic in a blog post titled "We Shall Overcome"

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 24, 2020 17:48 IST

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We Shall Remain Patient

Actor Mohanlal took to his blog on Tuesday to encourage people to become more vigilant after the extension of the national lockdown to slow down the spread of novel coronavirus. The actor wrote about resilience and the important lesson this pandemic has given us in the blog post titled "We Shall Overcome."

"We had been waiting to return to our freedom after staying locked down for 21 days. To return to our lives, to see our parents and embrace our children. To resume our work and responsibilities, we all had been waiting. But, it didn't happen. We must wait a little bit longer now," he wrote in the blog post.

Mohanlal noted that "only when we lose something, we actually learn its value. Freedom is also like that." He wished that when we go back to our normal life after defeating the virus, maybe we would start appreciating our life, the little moments it offers, and freedom in a better way.


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