WhatsApp and WHO released 21 NEW sticker emoji about coronavirus life

WHATSAPP released a new set of emojis stickers on the topic of quarantine and self-isolation of coronaviruses. There are a total of 21 new stickers – one for your underwear to make video calls.

by Nithiya

Updated: Apr 23, 2020 21:49 IST

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The quarantine stickers by Whatsapp and WHO

Together with the World Health Organization, all-new stickers were made. To access the new "together Home" stick pack, you will have to update your app.

A text sticker, "Pilates With Your Cat," and a hand-washing icon are available. Even it has "you're OK?" stickers also. "We hope people want to check in on loved ones by using these stickers, particularly those who feel alone, lonely and frightened," said WhatsApp.

"This kit provides innovative ways to remind people to wash their hands, to keep up their distance, to exercise, and to celebrate medical heroes and personal heroes through all our days," says WhatsApp.

Yesterday, the app started testing to raise the community call limit from 4 to 8.
And WhatsApp has only one chat – for countering fake coronavirus news-to relay chain messages.

A magnifying glass icon next to regularly sent messages appears in the beta edition of WhatsApp. It can be used to submit text to a web search so that the results of news and other sources of information can be identified.

It is a way for users to test a message before it is forwarded and think twice about it before unthinkingly sending on-chain texts. WhatsApp did not, however, confirm that the functionality is more widespread.

Last month, a Coronavirus Info Hub was introduced in the app to provide users with checked advice. The British Government has also partnered with WhatsApp to launch an advisory chatbot on coronaviruses. It is free to text for anyone and is continuously updated with new information.

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