WhatsApp Group Calling Made Easier Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

WhatsApp users will also make voice or video chat calls with simple dedicated buttons to all the participants. Unfortunately, the function is only usable for four or fewer participants on WhatsApp groups, since it is the maximum amount of contacts that you may put on a group call.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: Apr 08, 2020 17:29 IST

Tags: App News Tech
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Group Call Made Easy

WhatsApp users can often allow voice or video chat calls to all the members with basic dedicated keys. Unfortunately, the feature is only available on WhatsApp groups with four or fewer members, as it is the maximum amount of contacts you may put on a group call. To note, in previous WhatsApp versions, users were forced to add members individually when making group calls via WhatsApp groups. On Monday the Facebook-owned messaging company revealed the new update on Twitter. The update is available in India, on both Android and iOS apps.


According to WhatsApp, the upgraded feature makes its "easier" for users to use the group call feature. "We've made it easier than ever to start a group call from WhatsApp for groups of four or less. From your group chat tap the video or voice call icon to directly start a call with everyone in the chat," the company said on Twitter. To use the feature, iPhone and Android users first need to update their WhatsApp app to its latest version. After that, the users with WhatsApp groups of four or few participants can just open the group chat box and tap on 'video' or 'voice' call icon present at the top right corner of the screen to place a group call. This will automatically start a group call with four or fewer members without having to select each participant. It is important to note that the current feature is only available on WhatsApp groups with four or less members.

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