Whatsapp Special Features: All you need to know is here

WhatsApp is a popular worldwide messaging app. Over 2 billion people use the app every day, and more continue to join. The app gives loved ones the most convenient way to keep in touch, and I stated that it's also affordable. On the other side of the world, you can call your loved ones, chat for hours, and all you'll cost is less than 100 Megabytes of data. 

by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 05, 2020 15:21 IST

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Know the Special Features here

Google Appstore has several limitations despite the numerous benefits, namely, you can't use two accounts and your privacy choices are restricted. This would never leave the end-user in complete charge of their accounts. There is a solution, however, and that means you cancel your standard program and install a changed version called WhatsApp GB.

Special Features

Freeze your Last Seen Status: People you're talking to will see the last you've seen froze and well if any people you're trying to stop wondering why you're not on WhatsApp, the last you've seen will be a defense that's more than enough.

Hide View Status: You can view WhatsApp status of a friend, and they'll never know you've seen it.

Hide Blue Microphone: This function is the same as a blue tick when someone sends you an audio message if you play the message that the sender does not see the sign of the blue microphone. Now when your boss sends a voice message, you may confidently claim you have never listened to it. 

You may also mask the following features.

  • double tick

  • read message status

  • writing status

  • recording status

Hidden Chats: You're in a committed relationship, and you don't want to find messages from your partner that could end your relationship, WhatsApp GB gives you the option of hiding them in plain sight. Only you can access these.

Pause Internet for WhatsApp only: Stops the Internet for WhatsApp does not impact any other applications on your computer. This helps when you want to stop frequent notification notifications distractions.

Other Features include

  • Auto Reply

  • Multiple Accounts

  • Longer Multimedia Length

  • Download a Status

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