WhatsApp tips and tricks: WhatsApp shortcuts everyone should know about

WhatsApp has billions of users, and to satisfy the ever-growing demand, the Facebook-owned app provides a range of apps to attract users of all ages, and we're betting on some you might not even know. From sending messages quickly to an unsaved number, creating conversation shortcuts to featuring important messages, here's a fast guide on how to save time and reply promptly to messages on the app.


by Niranjani Jesentha Kumari Prabagararaj

Updated: Apr 13, 2020 14:31 IST

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WhatsApp tricks

WhatsApp, in a blog post, notes, "You can create keyboard shortcuts for the most commonly sent messages with fast responses, such as GIFs, photos, and videos, for text or media messages."

  • Click on more options>settings>business settings>quick replies

  • Click Add(+)

  • For a quick reply, set a text message or attach a media file

  • Set keyboard shortcut for quick reply

  • Set the keyword to locate it quickly

  • Click on Save

Star important messages 

Simply press long on a single message then tap the star icon at the top of the screen to start a post. Tap Options > Starred Messages to show all of those starred messages. 

Conversation shortcuts

This will give you easy access to all of the important messages that you may want to see or search frequently.

You can build a shortcut to any WhatsApp chat on your home screen, whether it's your family WhatsApp Party, your office colleague or your best friend. If you've added a shortcut to a WhatsApp chat, a chat icon will appear on your computer besides applications.

Send WhatsApp message without saving a number

Download the 'Tap Talk' software to message people on WhatsApp on your phone without having to save their contact numbers in your Address book. Here's a complete guide on how to send messages to an unknown number.

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