WhatsApp To Add Another Great Update

WhatsApp Users who are bummed out by the limited number of people who can be part of a conference video call, can now rest easy as the instant messaging application is set on increasing the number. Currently the number of people who can be part of a conference video call is just 4.

Updated: Apr 30, 2020 09:43 IST



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New Update for WhatsApp Users

WhatsApp users who are frustrated by the small amount of individuals who can be part of a group video call will now breathe comfortably because the instant messaging app is expected to expand the number. The number of participants who may be part of a video call for a meeting is actually just 4. The number will be lifted to 8 or even more according to the computer gurus at WABetalnfo. The update should be accessible to all iOS and Android users for further video callers, so practically almost all should benefit. When it enters the market, users would need to upgrade to the new iteration of their WhatsApp client. WhatsApp will also be including a call header to notify everyone that their calls have end-end encryption, meaning no other third parties can hear or listen to their calls

Applications such as Microsoft, Focus, actually lead in the video call conference department with several individuals. WhatsApp will make modifications to fit the set. End-to-end coding also offers users more protection and anonymity. This function arrives at the perfect moment because nearly everyone is limited to their home/town/city or county due to the current quarantine procedures that several countries have placed in place to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus. This also rendered physical business meetings difficult and dangerous as well as traveling to visit families and friends has now been constrained and is often known as a business activity.