WWE on FOX just released a big hint on SmackDown hackers identity

The SmackDown hacker turned up on WWE Backstage this week. As you can see below, the video is identical to the one broadcast on SmackDown, Friday night. The passcode numbers are the pay-per-view day for Sunday's Money In The Bank, and the coordinates are for the Orlando, Florida Performance Centre.

by Hari Aditya

Updated: May 06, 2020 11:31 IST

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A hint to the Hacker's Identity

Those clues would imply the intruder is trying to get interested in one of the pay-per-view matches in any way. WWE will broadcast the PC matches live and the ladder matches were filmed at the WWE studios in Stamford, CT a few weeks back. The curious point to mention is that the post (see below) often includes the following terms written upside down: “do i have everybody’s attention now?”

We'll see if this is all a red herring but it's a message that CM Punk used many years back while he was an active WWE roster participant. As a side note, if you're curious why the backstage panel didn't respond to the hacker video that disrupted them, it's because Backstage was tapped and the post-production hacker video was inserted. Check this out below clip.


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