Concrete Minecraft

Concrete Minecraft - Are you looking for the recipe to make concrete Minecraft? If so you can get to know it here and it is not very difficult to make the cor]ncrete in Minecraft. The steps are pretty simple and this article contains the recipe of concrete in Minecraft and the steps to make the concrete in Minecraft.

Updated: Apr 23, 2021 16:13 IST


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Concrete Minecraft

Concrete in Minecraft is a durable and colourful material that gives the Minecraft creation a fabulous and colourful look. It is available in a wide range of colours and it does not explode like wool. Concrete blocks have a slightly higher hardness more than Stone, but that comes at the sacrifice of lower blast resistance. The concrete adds a wonderful look to any project undertaken in the game. The best part is that the material can be crafted in a variety of colours.

Concrete Minecraft Recipe

The materials needed to make concrete in Minecraft are listed below:

4 blocks of gravel

  • It is found on beaches, near small water pools, ponds, and underwater.


  • They should be mined with a shovel. These sand blocks can be found in desert biomes and next to water bodies.


  • Know the desired colour for the concrete.  These various dyes can be acquired by crafting, smelting, or selling. 

Water source

  • These concretes can be solidified when exposed to all water sources except the rain, cauldrons or water bottles. 

How To Make Concrete Minecraft?

Given below are the steps to make concrete in Minecraft:

  • Firstly, open the crafting table

  • Now place the gravel. These act as the two primary building blocks of concrete powder.

  • Then place sand just like gravel.

  • After that place the dye once the placing of the sand and gravel are over.

  • Now, drag the concrete powder into your inventory

  • Finally, mine the concrete and this is the final step in the processes of successfully constructing concrete.

How To Make The Concrete Powder In Minecraft?

  • Open the crafting menu.

  • Then place one dye, four gravel blocks, and four sand blocks into the grid.

  • Once the concrete powder appears, place it in the inventory

Concrete In Minecraft

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Concrete Minecraft - FAQs

1. Can the concrete be colourful in Minecraft?

Yes, the concrete in Minecraft can be colourful.

2. What are the materials required to make concrete in Minecraft?

The materials required to make concrete in Minecraft are:

  • 4 blocks of gravel
  • Sand
  • Dye
  • Water Source
3. When was Minecraft released?

Minecraft was released in 2011.

4. Who is the developer of Minecraft?

Minecraft was developed by Mojang Studios.

5. What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game.

6. Where to get Minecraft?

Minecraft is available in Google Play Store and App Store.

7. Is a water source necessary to make concrete in Minecraft?

Yes, the water source is necessary to make concrete in Minecraft. Protection Status