Covid 19 mhpolice Epass Maharastra

Covid 19 mhpolice Epass Maharastra: How to Apply E Pass for Lockdown Maharastra @ Maharashtra Government providing e pass for lockdown Maharashtra @ Mumbai. COVID 19 mhpolice epass for lockdown Maharashtra is used to travel state residents. epass Maharashtra Online is accessible from the site e pass registration and Check epass status. if you want to register e pass for lockdown Maharashtra kindly visit the following website or https//

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Updated: Jun 09, 2020 10:42 IST

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E-pass for Lockdown Maharashtra Available @

Maharashtra Government is providing e pass for lockdown maharashtra @ The COVID-19 Online pass for lockdown Maharastra can be used by the state residents to travel during the lockdown period. Passes are given only to citizens in the state who have either of the crises or cope with the flow of vital resources. On this page we give details about How to Apply COVID-19 E Pass for Lockdown Maharastra, How To check status @

People who are in need to get travel epass, amid the lockdown, can avail epass for Pune, Aurangabad, Nashik, and Palghar through our website.

Pune Epass

Aurangabad Epass

Nashik Epass

Palghar Epass

Nagpur Epass

Watch: How to Apply for Maharashtra Travel Epass  

A stepwise procedure is provided to download the e pass for Maharastra :

Step 1: Log on to the to apply for the e-pass.

Step 2: Click on the 'Apply for Pass here' button. You will be directed to a registration page where you will be asked to fill out the required details. The detail includes:

  • Select District/Police Commissionerate 

  • District (date of the source)

  • Name

  • Pass Start date

  • Pass End date

  • Mobile number

  • Travel Type

  • Reason/Purpose of Visit

  • Vehicle Type

  • Current residential address

  • Starting/Destination Point of District

  • No of Co-passengers

  • Return route

  • The applicant must ensure if he is from the containment zone

  • Attach Photo of the person seeking epass (The size of the photo should not exceed 200 KB and the size of the relevant document should not exceed 1 MB)

  • Attach documents (Valid Organization Document/Medical Report/Company ID/Aadhaar card etc.)

  • Attach Doctor Certificate / Fitness Certificate (Not having Covid-19 Symptoms)

Step 3: Fill out the necessary details as per the instructions.

Step 4: Maharashtra e-pass website asks for a photo ID proof, valid organization documents, medical report, and company ID to be attached with the application.

Step 5: The application will be reviewed by the local police and then a pass will be issued.

Step 6: People can contact the local police station and resolve the issue. 

Step 7: Check the status @

Step 8: The epass can then be printed for use it is essential to carry the e-pass with you when you leave the house.

After the verification process and approval by the concerned departments, you can download the e-pass using the token ID. 

What are the details available in Maharashtra e-pass?

The person who avails the e-pass will be allowed to travel as per the guidelines issued by the Maharashtra state government. All individuals should adhere to the instruction given amid the lockdown. The e-pass provided by Maharashtra government will contain your details, vehicle number, validity, and a QR code. You should keep a soft/hard copy with you while traveling and show it to the police when asked. It is a punishable offense to copy, misuse, or use it after the valid date or without authorization.

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Who can apply for e-pass in Maharashtra?

People looking to go back to their hometown can apply for epass but would also need certain other things to be able to travel such as permission from both origin state and destination state. Also, in case they are traveling by their own vehicle, then they need to have a transport license issued by the District Collector.

E-pass for Lockdown Maharashtra - FAQ

1. How to apply ePass to go out of Maharashtra?

Individuals who are in need of a travel epass in Maharashtra state should visit 

E-pass is essentially an electronic pass issued online by the state government to facilitate the commute during an emergency or urgent situation, such as COVID-19 pandemic. 

2. What information does an epass contain?

The Maharashtra State e-pass consists of important details about the citizen such as name, address, contact number, the validity of the e-pass, purpose of travel, and more.

3. What are the documents needed to fill the Maharashtra epass?

Individuals who are applying for Maharashtra epass need to fill in several document details to get an epass. The details required include:

  • Photograph of the Candidate
  • ID Proof
  • Vehicle Type & Vehicle No
  • Medical Document
4. Will I receive an SMS about the Maharashtra epass approval?

Yes, you will be informed through SMS. After approval of Maharashtra epass, the e-pass with passenger and vehicle details will be sent to the applicant through SMS and e-mail. The e-pass can be viewed online, downloaded, and printed from the website, 

5. How to check for Maharashtra epass application status?

Maharastra epass application form submitted. After successful submission, the user can check their status of the application by entering a unique ID on the e-pass website, After E-pass approval, a message from the authorities will be sent over the phone informing the individual. The Maharastra epass can then be printed for use. The candidates MUST carry the e-pass with you, when you leave the house. If you forget, you will not be allowed to travel. Protection Status