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E pass for Lockdown Kerala: Kerala Government has set up a covid19jagratha kerala nic epass portal, where those seeking passes can apply. Online Pass for lockdown in Kerala will be helpful for Kerala people where they can avail the Online Pass for lockdown in Kerala if they are stuck in any state during this lockdown. This article provides the information about the Pass for inter-district travel in Kerala, Pass for Travelling Kerala, and how to apply Online Pass for lockdown in Kerala. The Centre and the State Govt advised people to remain indoors unless it was absolutely necessary. Although some states such as Kerala and Karnataka have started to loosen the laws, other states such as Maharashtra have continued to obey strict restrictions. The Govt has provided for emergency movement via e-pass services.

Updated: Jun 09, 2020 14:00 IST


Suganya Vedham

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What is Covid E pass?

A COVID E pass is a bonafide document issued by the government, which will enable people to move legally from one location to another. A transfer is not a right. This can be given to citizens only by the government or local authorities to allow the movement of a few special cases across and within states. Any pass issued by the Government will be valid for a one-way or round trip. The pass shall be issued for single use only.

What is the need for Covid E pass?

The lockdown e-passes will be implemented with further flexibility as the central government plans a roadmap for lockdown 4.0 after May 14. The idea behind this is not only to relax travel restrictions in safe zones with coronavirus but also to tackle domestic help abuse concerns in secure places but still face tough lockdown requirements, endangering local people's livelihoods.

A comprehensive strategy in this regard will be published later this week, as per the Union Government. The government has, however, clarified that strict limits in COVID-19 red zones and containment zones would continue. But for those of you who wish to leave your home in case of medical or other emergencies, you can apply for e-passes online, which will be a fast and trouble-free process.

What is the need of Pass for inter-district travel in Kerala?

Those who have to move on the emergency during the lockdown from one district to another can register with Kerala Police's online portal. If police authorize the trip, an E pass will be sent to the Passengers mobile number. Passengers must display their e-passes at police checkpoints. E-passes will be issued to those traveling for medical purposes, post-mortems, those visiting the family or returning home after being stuck in lockdown areas.

What are the districts covered by Kerala epass?

Kerala state government has approved E pass for Lockdown Kerala for the following districts amid Lockdown. Online Pass for lockdown in Kerala covers the districts such as epass Alappuzha,  epass Ernakulam, epass Idukki, epass Kannur, epass Kasaragod, epass Kollam, epass Kottayam, epass Kozhikode, epass Malappuram, epass Palakkad, epass Pathanamthitta, epass Thiruvananthapur, epass Thrissur and epass Wayanad.

How to apply for E pass for Lockdown Kerala?

If you want to apply for Kerala epass follow the step mentioned below.

  • Go to the website

  • Click on Affidavit and enter all the details such as name, age, vehicle number, vehicle type, travel date, travel time, purpose, place, area, phone number, etc

  • Attach a digital copy of your signature and note that the file should not be larger than 1 MB 

  • Select area Option and choose Area

  • Click on submit

How long does the Pass for Travelling in Kerala is valid?

Online Pass for lockdown in Kerala will be valid as per the given date and time on the Kerala E Pass. This is the department's discretionary power to issue, or not, up to that date. Thus, the validity period will be mentioned on the Kerala  E Pass. 

What are Essential Services that are covered by E pass for Lockdown Kerala?

Kerala government has listed the essential services for which the E pass will be issued by the state authority body. The list of essential services are:

  • Industry

  • Manufacture

  • Delivery

  • Wholesaler

  • Groceries

  • Retailed

  • Doctor

  • Nurse/Paramedic

  • Chemist

  • Pharmacy

  • Medical Emergency

  • Others which are very urgency in nature

E pass for Lockdown Kerala: FAQ

1. What are the general instructions to use the Kerala COVID-19 epass card?

Kerala COVID-19 epass card (ID card) contains the details of the individual, Department/Company, contact details, and QR code. 

  • The users are asked to keep a soft/hard copy with you while traveling and show it to the police when asked. 
  • People using epass should keep in mind that Copying, abusing, or using it after a valid date or using without authorization is considered a punishable offense.
  • As per the State guidelines, the users are allowed to travel within a 50 km radius from the authorized location.
2. How to apply for the Kerala lockdown EPass?

The applicant who wants Kerala lockdown EPass can follow the simple steps:

  • The candidates should fill in all the details and apply for the pass
  • Upon successful verification by police, the approval/ rejection status will be updated via SMS
  • If approves, the applicants should download the ID card from the link in the SMS.
3. What are the documents required to apply for Kerala Lockdown Pass?

To apply for Kerala Lockdown Pass, the Candidates need to provide documents asked by the authority. The documents needed for the Epass are:

  • Photograph of Applicant
  • Identity Proof for example Voter ID, Passport or Driving License
  • Signature of the candidate
  • Vehicle details
4. Can I travel amid lockdown without epass in Kerala?

No, citizens should not travel. According to the norms laid by the GoI, no one is allowed to come out without epass, of their home during the lockdown. The government of every state had made strict rules for this period so keep yourself safe in the house. In case you break the rule, then the police force of the particular state will punish you for violating the rules.

5. How long will it take to complete the process for Kerala e-Curfew Pass?

The approval/rejection process for the Kerala epass will take around 1-2 days. The State officials will verify all the documents and information given by the applicants. After considering the reasons, the government will issue the lockdown pass to you. Protection Status